Earth Day is an annual event, held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It is marked by events in more than 193 countries, co-ordinated by the Earth Day Network. Earth Day was celebrated this year in many parts of Britain, including King’s Lynn in Norfolk, where, on Saturday 22nd April, a stall and display by [...]

A day with Bill Oddie

It was a pleasure to spend the day with broadcasting legend Bill Oddie, to discuss natural history, the state of Britain's nature, and film an Ask Bill Oddie session for wildlife specialists, Haith's. Simon H King and (of course) Bill Oddie

Buy “M: Maxwell Knight, MI5’s Greatest Spymaster by Henry Hemming”

Buy M: Maxwell Knight, MI5's Greatest Spymaster on Amazon Read Henry Hemming's account of Maxwell Knight's life as Britain's greatest spy and far-sighted, influential naturalist of his day: 'Fascinating... Hemming has done a superb job' - Ben Macintyre, The Times, Book of the Week "Maxwell Knight was a paradox. A jazz obsessive and nature enthusiast (he is [...]

A lovely piece in this week’s Cage & Aviary Birds from David Alderton about passing on what we know to the next generation…

"David Alderton, MA (Cantab.) grew up in a home surrounded by pets and originally trained to be a vet until an allergic dermatitis forced a change of career in his final year of study. Since then, David has used his experience, knowledge and passion for the subject to concentrate on writing about animals and the [...]

Maxwell Knight’s cabinet gets a mention on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Tune into the BBC iPlayer and fast forward to 2:44:42 to hear Maxwell Knight's filing cabinet mentioned in today's BBC Two World Book Day show...

The Vanishing: Europe’s farmland birds

The Head of Conservation for BirdLife Europe & Central Asia explains how intensive agriculture has made farmland birds one of the most threatened bird groups in Europe:  'Once upon a time, they were all around us,' laments Iván Ramírez  – 'sights and sounds as familiar as the dusky skies their flocks danced in or the [...]

Simon King talks about feeding the birds on BBC Radio Humberside

Representing Haith's (as an Associate Director) Simon King discusses the merits of feeding wild birds this winter... Tune into the BBC iPlayer to hear the piece... or click here to open the iPlayer in a new window...  

The Maxwell Knight Memorial Fund (1968) A Letter To The Editor…

The World Is Not Enough According To WWF’s Living Planet Report 2016 (in fact, we require the ‘biocapacity equivalent of 1.6 Earths’)

There's a real-life international power struggle and the antagonist is man 'demanding more from the planet than it can renew,' reports WWF in the Living Planet Report 2016 'Since the early 1970s, humanity has been demanding more from the planet than it can renew (see below). By 2012,' writes WWF in the Living Planet Report [...]

Did you know Maxwell Knight?

Did you know Maxwell Knight? #Nature #Conservation #BBCNaturalHistory #MI5 @NHM_London @wwf_uk @ZSLconservation— Simon King (@SimonHKing) October 14, 2016 // If you knew Maxwell Knight or have been influenced by him please share your story with us (it will not appear on this blog (or in the book) without your approval).